The Wine Tasting Room Capital of the World

A treat for both first timers and connoisseurs, only Downtown Napa can claim the title of Wine Tasting Room Capital of the World.

And rightly so: With 55+ tasting rooms and counting-more than anywhere else in the world-each has a vibe of its own. Plus, most are within walking distance from each other, shops and lodging. All you have to do is come and enjoy everything this town has to offer.

Explore world-class wine and a culinary experience like no other. Join us to sip on the fruits of Napa Valley's labor of love, right here in the city.

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What's Your Wine Taster Type?

Discover the personality for your palate

Discover the personality for your palate

Question 1 of 4.

A trip to Napa isn’t complete without:

1. A couple of very special bottles to lay down in my cellar
2. Learning more about the history behind my favorite labels
3. Chatting up a local winemaker to get the insider scoop on this year’s vintage
4. My friends, good wine, and lots of laughs
Question 2 of 4.

What are you usually sipping on?

1. Single-vineyard cabs hold a special place in my heart
2. Any wine that tells a story! I like to explore different varietals from different locations
3. No-way chardonnay - unique blends are my jam
4. Rosé all day or bring on the bubbly
Question 3 of 4.

Pick a vibe for your ideal sipping spot:

1. Quiet and luxurious
2. Historic and cozy
3. Laid-back and conversational
4. Upbeat and popping
Question 4 of 4.

What are you doing other than wine tasting?

1. I’m here for the wine, and maybe a Michelin-star meal or two
2. Checking out local museums, art, and historic homes
3. Taking a hike and soaking up the scenery
4. Brunching with the squad and hitting up live music

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All 4 questions completed!

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Discover the personality for your palate

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Get a Taste of All Downtown Napa has to Offer

Make a List. Check it Twice.
Downtown Napa breathes a new level of enjoyment into wine tasting. Not sure where to start? This handy guide will give you all the details about each tasting room in Downtown Napa, along with where to find your favorite red, white, rosé and dessert varietals.

Pro Tips

  • To make the most of your Downtown Napa tasting experience, we suggest you check with the wine tasting rooms about space availability, reservations and current safety measures in place.
  • Downtown Napa is a walking town so you can leave that car parked. Visit, sip and stroll!
  • Make a stay of it at one of our welcoming lodging properties – afterall, you have a lot of tasting to do!
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