No Love Lost Wine Co.

No Love Lost Napa is a pioneering 4th wave wine brand dedicated to producing wines sourced from family owned farms. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, inclusivity, and carbon consciousness, No Love offers a range of vegan-friendly wines packaged in environmentally conscious containers. By celebrating tradition and championing ethical practices, No Love is redefining the wine industry one bottle at a time. Our home base is the Napa Valley and that is something that we are very proud of! In line with No Love’s mission to foster inclusivity, the downtown Napa tasting room has been thoughtfully designed to create an inviting and accessible environment for all wine lovers. We believe that the joy of wine should be shared by everyone, regardless of background or experience. With knowledgeable staff on hand to guide visitors through tastings and educate them about the 4th wave wine movement, guests will feel welcomed and empowered to explore the diverse offerings.



960 Clinton Street
Napa, CA