Celebrating the Female Voices Behind Some of Napa’s Best Businesses

As the skies finally begin to clear and the days start to become soaked in sun, March feels truly magical in the heart of California’s wine country. And besides the excellent weather, March is also Women’s History Month, which means there’s no better time to appreciate some of the many incredible, talented women working behind the scenes in Napa. Join us in shining a light on some of the businesses that line Napa’s historic downtown, as we dive into the fabulous women who made them possible.

Anette’s Chocolates

Located in the heart of Napa, Anette’s has been serving Napa’s sweet tooth for over thirty years. Anette’s is owned by, of course, Anette herself — that is, Anette Madsen Yazidi, in partnership with Brent Madsen and Mary Stornetta. This charming Downtown storefront has been family-run from the get-go, and the quality of their decadent treats reflects that. The team at Anette’s prides themselves on small-batch artisanal chocolates and candies, each meticulously crafted for the best possible product. Anette’s passion for confectionery delights shines through in every handcrafted chocolate or gourmet ice cream scoop, making it a must-visit destination for those with a sweet tooth.

Kara’s Cupcakes & Bar Lucia

Kara Lind, a Napa local with a passion for food, wine and confectionaries, is the proud owner of two mouthwateringly great establishments you can find in the Oxbow Public Market. Kara’s Cupcakes began with Lind’s own — somewhat rebellious, as she is the daughter of a dentist — love for sweet treats, and now is a staple in Napa for any occasion. Right next door to Kara’s Cupcakes, you’ll find Bar Lucia, an eatery that offers wines, cocktails, exquisitely prepared light bites and more. The name ‘Bar Lucia’ is in fact inspired by Lind’s connection to the long line of strong, intelligent women who came before her. Named after her great-grandmother, Angela Luci, and her daughter, Lucia, the establishment is a tribute to the enduring traditions cherished across five generations. Next time you’re at Oxbow, be sure to make a stop at both of Kara Lind’s excellent establishments.

Model Bakery

Model Bakery has been a staple of Napa’s culinary scene for close to a century. Ask anyone in town where to get the best, freshest pastries, and they’ll tell you to head to Model. Their English muffins even often make Oprah’s favorites list. The geniuses behind this treasured piece of local history are a mother-daughter duo, Karen Mitchell and Sarah Mitchell Hansen. Their combined efforts to preserve decades of artisanal tradition are reflected in the quality of each item they craft by hand. It’s the perfect stop to get your day started — simply pop in for a coffee and a sandwich or pastry, and you’ll be good to go for a day of strolling, sipping and relaxing.

Ritual Coffee Roasters

After trying a shot of espresso that changed her life, Eileen Rinaldi knew immediately what she had to do next. She founded Ritual in 2005 in Seattle, and after almost 20 years, you can find Ritual Coffee Roasters in several different cities across the West Coast, as well as at the San Francisco International Airport. Here in Napa, you can find Ritual in the Oxbow Public Market, making it the perfect stop after a patio lunch, wine tasting or shopping trip. At Ritual, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere that invites anyone to stop in for a drink and a conversation — so long as they can appreciate a truly exceptional cup of coffee.

Napa Bookmine

Napa’s own independent, locally-owned bookstore, Napa Bookmine offers more than just your next favorite read. With over 20,000 titles to browse in-store, it might take you a moment to notice the plethora of Napa-themed gift items they have available. Even if you aren’t a big reader, the sheer array of adorable keychains, kitchen towels and much more make this shop a standout.

C Casa

Inspired by the brilliant flavors of Baja, California, C Casa is the culinary-focused brainchild of executive chef and owner, Catherine Bergen. Since opening this innovative taqueria in Oxbow Public Market, this restaurant has received the Micheline Bib Gourmand accolade, cementing it as a true staple in Napa’s culinary scene. Their street tacos borrow from all kinds of international flavors, while maintaining a cohesive foundation in the culinary philosophy of Bergen’s own palate. You’ll never be able to enjoy another taco again — not once you’ve tried one at C Casa, made with fresh, handmade tortillas, exquisitely spiced meats and beautifully fresh produce.

Be Bubbly

Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend? At Be Bubbly, the ladies working behind the scenes maintain that champagne is a girl’s real best friend. That’s why Erin Riley decided to open Napa’s first — and so far, only — tasting room dedicated solely to the best sparkling wines in the valley. Now, with many high praises under their belt — Top 10 Champagne Bar in the US by Champagne Bureau, for one — Be Bubbly is the perfect place to end a night out in Napa. Keep an eye on their events calendar, as well, to see what exciting events they’ll be holding during your trip!

CIA at Copia Women’s History Month Series

The CIA at Copia is honoring alum female chefs throughout the month of March. The series includes Chef Laura Ozyilmaz from San Francisco’s acclaimed Dalida on March 17, Chef Daniela Vergara of the MINA brand on March 23 and the youngest ever winner of MasterChef, Chef Dara Yu, on March 30. Check out each of their personalized menus at The Grove during these days.


You’re Meant to Be Here

During the month of March — or any other time of the year — show your appreciation for the women in your life with an escape to Downtown Napa. No matter the stresses in your life, you’ll find that a visit to the heart of California’s wine country is exactly what you need to unwind, recharge and reconnect. Book your stay today to see what could be waiting for you.