What to Pack for a Napa Getaway

As the weather gets warmer, the sun shines longer, and spring transitions into summer, many of us are eager to step away from our offices for a moment and plan a getaway somewhere beautiful. Thanks to a mild, temperate Mediterranean climate, Downtown Napa is an excellent place to spend a few days relaxing in the sunshine.

In addition to offering perfect conditions to grow grapes, the region features long, warm, sunny days that normally don’t get out of the 70s in the spring and the 80s in the summer. Mornings and evenings are generally mild and cool due to gentle  marine breezes rolling in from the Bay.

Can’t decide where to go on vacation this year? Consider Downtown Napa! The beautiful scenery will be sure to entice any nature-lover, and for the fun-loving crowd, there is plenty to do. And the best part? There’s no dress code! So, before you head to the store to buy yourself a whole new, Napa-ready wardrobe, take a look at our tips for what to pack and wear on your adventure in California’s wine capital.


First on our list: comfortable shoes. One of the best parts about Downtown Napa is its walkability — shopping, hotels, restaurants, and wine tastings are all only a few blocks apart from each other, so you’ll never have to worry about renting a car or waiting around for a rideshare. That means, though, that having a pair of shoes you can walk a good distance in is a MUST. We recommend a pair of sneakers, or flat sandals. Skip the heels and dress shoes this time!

And, to make sure you’re completely prepared for an afternoon strolling in the sunshine, bring a hat or two, and a pair of sunglasses. Napa enjoys more than 250 sunny days per year — so don’t forget your sunscreen, either!


Because there are so many places to explore in the City of Napa, you probably won’t be spending the whole trip in your hotel room.  However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge in an affordably luxurious home base to make the trip feel truly special. With numerous lodging options that include The George, The Meritage Resort and Spa, Stanly Ranch and many more, you’ll feel so pampered it might be tempting to stay in!

For a day on the town, we recommend layers. To stay warm through the last of the early-morning chill, grab a light jacket or sweater before heading to breakfast at one of Downtown Napa’s excellent restaurants.  You can’t go wrong at Petit Soleil Café on Clay with delicious housemade granola, fried chicken and waffles or cinnamon French toast. Or visit the Napa General Store, a café/store/wine bar with tasty hardwood smoked Atlantic salmon flatbread and chocolate-filled beignets, as well as a fantastic weekend brunch.

While walking off that scrumptious meal, you may want to shed your cardigan or jacket as the thermometer tops the 70-degree mark. Sundresses, shorts, or skirts — or, split the difference with a trendy skort — are a great choice for your vacation uniform. For a less-dressy, more masculine look, T-shirts and casual button-downs are a great option to stay comfortable and chic.

While it might be tempting to overdress for the sake of a good Instagram pic, comfort should be your theme when packing for a Napa trip. Whether you experience a cruise on an authentic Venetian gondola down the Napa River, hop on a tasting tour aboard the brand new Napa Crusher, peruse the murals and art installations at First Street Napa: Artist Alley, or the 10 sculptures featured in the Napa Art Walk, you want to do it feeling your best — and confidence and comfort is half of a good outfit, anyway!


One of the best aspects of Downtown Napa is its casual, down-to-earth approach to luxury, which means you should skip the formal suit or dress and opt for a pair of jeans.  Heading to the Oxbow Market for some great food, wine and shopping, or is the fresh Mexican fare at C Casa beckoning you? Think jeans. Going up in a hot air balloon to see the scenic landscape and beauty of the wine country? Jeans are the way to go. Dining in style at the award-winning restaurant Celadon, with flavors from the Mediterranean, Asia and the Americas? Or does a wine tasting at the Gamling & McDuck winery pique your interest? Yep, you guessed it. Jeans. The vibe in Downtown Napa is definitely laid-back luxury, whether you’re seeking fine dining or a beer garden like Napa Yard.


For the athletic-types, we suggest exploring all there is to do outdoors in one of the most beautiful outdoor areas in California. . If you’re up to the challenge, try a hike in Westwood Hills Park or bike along the mountain bike trails at Skyline Wilderness Park. If you’re more at home on the water, rent a paddleboard or kayak from Napa Valley Paddle, or take a stroll along the Napa River. We recommend bringing along your favorite athletic wear and a good bathing suit to soak up the sun. And, to add a fun, vintage vibe to your vacay, a digital or film camera is the perfect way to document all the gorgeous scenery Napa Valley has to offer.


There’s always entertaining events going on in Downtown Napa, and the spring and summer seasons are no exception. T-shirts, shorts, a skort and jeans are all perfect attire when attending the Wags ’N Wine Festival on July 9 at The Meritage Resort and Spa. The celebration of food, wine, music and, of course, dogs, benefits area dog rescue organizations. We suggest you pack light, so you have room in your suitcase to bring home lots of goodies made by our talented local vendors and artisans!

Also at The Meritage is the Taste of Napa on July 15, where you can sample some of the region’s best wine and food. On Aug. 27, the Jewish Food and Wine Festival will feature delicacies from local wineries and Jewish food vendors. For a list of upcoming celebrations, type “Festivals” on the Downtown Napa website.

Now is the perfect time to plan your excursion to where you can find the best of Napa Valley all in one place. With this helpful guide, you should be set to pack a few of your favorite outfits and accessories for your first-time visit to Downtown Napa!



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