Gourmet Food & Wine Tours – Downtown Napa Tour

Embark on a captivating culinary journey with the Gourmet Food and Wine Tour in Downtown Napa. Join a local food expert for a progressive dinner tour or indulge in a delightful Saturday brunch experience. Explore eclectic wine pairings, engage with master sommeliers, and discover hidden gems celebrated by The Michelin Guide. Immerse yourself in the vibrant revival of a once-quiet ghost town, now pulsating with flavors, music and creativity.

Your journey begins as a knowledgeable Napa guide welcomes you at the first of four stops, setting the stage for an unforgettable gastronomic adventure. Stroll alongside the river, delving into Napa’s rich history and its significance to the dynamic San Francisco Bay Area. Each restaurant stop promises approximately 30 minutes of indulgence, interspersed with pleasant walks to balance calories and exercise.

Be prepared for any weather with layered clothing, and let them know your preferences for special tasting rooms that offer unique flights within walking distance. Details of your meeting point on your chosen day will be confirmed, ensuring a seamless and delightful experience.

Duration: 3+

Saturday 11:30 AM start time for brunch

Thursday, Friday and Sunday start time: 4 pm for dinner

(check calendar for seasonal dates)

Location: To be announced at booking
Napa Food and Wine Dinner Tour starts at Ox and the Fox restaurant
Saturday Brunch Tour starts at Compline Restaurant and Wine Bar

Quick Details:

  • Gourmet food paired with luxury wine at notable restaurants
  • Half-a glass poured at each stop
  • Walking Tour in relevant downtown environment along the river
  • Family-owned and operated
  • Tours run rain or shine
  • All-inclusive, except for tipping guide (20% is standard)

What to Expect

Discover Downtown tucked into Napa’s riverfront on one of these two carefully curated Napa Valley tours, beginning with two newer restaurants, one of which is already Michelin recognized.

Dinner 4:00 – 7:30 PM   Currently runs Thursday, Friday and Sunday

Brunch 11-2:30 PM   Currently runs most Saturdays 

You will visit any of the 4 or more locations from the following list:

  • Ox & the Fox
  • Compline
  • Tarla
  • Be Bubbly
  • Oenotri
  • La Taberna
  • Sky & Vine at Archer Napa
  • Oxbow Market (on request for private groups)
  • Gourmet Food & Wine Tours reserves the right to switch restaurants or pull in new stops based on their partner’s availability.

Price: $255

Please be sure to list your food restrictions in the notes so that they may make substitutions PRIOR to the day of your experience.  IE: Seafood, cilantro, nuts, dairy, etc…