Cadet Wine & Beer Bar

We are unabashedly pro-California but our influences extend to other landscapes. CADET is an establishment that encourages everyone to partake in the energetic progress and collegial habits of California’s wine and beer culture. CADET which literally means “trainee,” manifests our common goal of exploring the world of wines and beers with our clientele, while simultaneously celebrating the exceptional and affordable producers from California and beyond.

With CADET, we envisioned a warm and inviting neighborhood bar akin to the casual spots that you might discover wandering down the alleyways of Paris, where wine and beer aficionados can congregate, share ideas and celebrate with the community. Having worked for some of the most dynamic leaders in the food and wine industry, we have cultivated a mutual desire to learn and discover something new every day.

NEW!  Cadet now discounts bottles of Champagne and sparkling wines from 6 p.m. to closing every Monday.

Monday – Thursday 5pm – 12:00am

Friday – Saturday 5pm – 1:30am

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