Sugar + Lemon

Sugar + Lemon is Napa Valley’s premiere studio specializing in the art of organic sugar hair removal & holistic skincare for women and men.

Sugaring is the sweetest, most gentle and eco-friendly form of hair removal available.
100 % natural. Sugar. Lemon. Water. That’s it!

Just a spoon full of this ancient form of hair removal and you’ll be hooked.
Sugaring is one of the oldest forms of removing unwanted hair and is

considered an art. The earliest references came from the ancient civilizations 
of Mesopotamia, Egypt and Greece.

Now, Sugar + Lemon offers this ancient art in a new form,
keeping our clients and their skin happy, healthy and hair free! 

SUGAR is the sweet way to be hair free.

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Friday: 11am – 7pm
Saturday – Sunday: 11am – 5pm


1322 3rd Street
, CA