Moulin Bakery

Moulin (French for “mill”) is an artisan bakery owned and operated by husband and wife Zach and Chloé Kaylor with a focus on naturally leavened (sourdough) breads and viennoiseries using a variety of whole grains that we mill in house on a stone mill.

Our baked goods are complemented by a craft coffee program with beans sourced from our friends at Camellia Coffee Roasters in Sacramento.

At Moulin, our philosophy is centered around the use of organic whole grains and natural fermentation.

Whole grains are full of vitamins and minerals that are not only essential for our bodies, but help our bodies absorb nutrients found in other foods. The practice of natural leavening makes wheat easier to digest as the fermentation process begins the digestion process. This relationship between whole grains and natural fermentation results in a healthier, more nutritionally rich product. These principles are the foundation for which all of our breads and viennoiseries are made.

Moulin Bakery, 1321 First St., Napa


1321 1st Street
, CA