Armistice Brewing

We’re Opening in Napa!

As siblings, we know first-hand how beer brings people together. The name Armistice gestures toward Richmond’s place in twentieth-century geopolitics, but it also describes what brewing beer did for our relationship as brother and sister. We started brewing together as a way of coping and catching up not long after our mother was diagnosed with cancer. When mom’s health took a turn for the worse we left Los Angeles, where Gregory was pursuing a career in film and television and Alex was finishing her doctorate, and moved to our family’s home in Napa to help care for mom. We continued brewing beer together in our family’s big red barn and after winning several prestigious beer competitions we started hatching plans to open a commercial operation so we could share our beer with more people.  After our mother passed in 2015 the barn was torn down, but we saved the wood to incorporate into the taproom bar in a nod to our family roots.



, CA