The Dream Bowl at Jam Cellars Ballroom

Mike Greensill and Kellie Fuller have received a Napa Valley Presents grant to create a time machine to take you back to the 1940s Dream Bowl with a live band and dancing on June 22. The event will take place at the JaM Cellars Ballroom in the Napa Valley Opera House. The immersive experience was made possible, in part with the support of Michele and John Truchard, who own the Opera House, and Ken Tesler, managing director of Blue Note. The Dream Bowl was a ballroom south of Napa from 1941 to its closure in 1969. It featured swing, country and western and rock bands through the eras, and hosted performances by Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, John Coltrane, Johnny Cash, Sonny Rollins, Bob Wills, Santana and the Grateful Dead. The Dream Bowl building, which is now the home of CalTest, is at 1885 North Kelly Road. More information will be forthcoming.


June 22