Silverado Cooking School Holiday Class – Thanksgiving Pies

Chef Sasha and Chef Frances are here for all of your Thanksgiving Pie inspiration!

From the flaky and delicate crusts to the most delightful fillings, your pies are sure to impress this holiday season. Join Silverado in the kitchen where you will choose a pie recipe that interests you most, to bake and take home. During your time in the kitchen you will have a chance to observe other pie recipes being made by the chefs and fellow students. While the pies are baking, you will be served a light lunch and then have a chance to taste these decadent creations.

Pie Options:

Pear Ginger Lattice Pie, Classic Pumpkin Pie,

Pecan Pie with Candied Tangerines, Chocolate Cream Pie

Lunch Menu:

Roasted Pumpkin Soup with Harissa, Chick Pea and Herbed Yogurt

Persimmon and Pomegranate Salad with Garden Greens and Parmesan

Cost is $175


November 19

10: 00 am 2: 00 pm

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