Outer Space tasting: How salt affects the taste of wine

The affect of salt and how it changes our perception of wine is known but underrated. It makes a big difference, in most cases for the better. Let me show you.

On Thursday, May 11 I present a tasting of wines with a variety of salty foods. We’ll move from light to heavy, soft to tannic in the wine department. For food we’ll have olives, cheese, jerky and plain old salt.  I’ll walk you through the pairings and we’ll share our impressions of the pairings. I’m really looking forward to this tasting!

Wines in the How Salt Affects the Taste of Wine tasting:
JOLIE LAIDE Syrah, North Coast 2020 ($42)
Domaine MABY Lirac “La Fermade” 2020 ($25)
G.D. VAJRA Barbera d’Alba 2021 ($27)


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May 11