Guest Chef Series at Compline Restaurant – Chef Diego Isunza Kahlo of Mexico City

For the second time this year, we’re hosting Chef Diego Isunza Kahlo of Mexico City. He’s Frida Kahlo’s great-great nephew, a former culinary director at one of the world’s top 50 restaurants, and one of Mexico’s brightest and most creative culinary talents!
He is partnering with our Executive Chef Edwin Robles, a Puerto Rican native, to produce two distinct experiences, a “Preliminary” Event from July 17-22 featuring casual, authentic dishes of Mexico and Puerto Rico, and a “Main” Event from July 25-27 featuring an 8-course, modern degustation menu by the two chefs. We chose a boxing them in our posters and imagery for the event because it’s a sport both Mexico and Puerto Rico are very passionate about!
The Preliminary Event is $50 for a choice of 3 dishes. Reservations can be made here.
The Main Event is $150 for all 8 courses, with a $75 supplemental wine pairing options. Reservations can be made here. 


July 25 - Jul 27