Farm at the Table: Longer Table Farm – Compline Restaurant

Where does our food come from? This is the 4th event in our “Farm at the Table” series, in which we showcase the purveyors we work with and celebrate the real, local, quality ingredients they bring to our tables. Sonoma County’s Longer Table Farm is one of our favorite purveyors in the summertime: they have the tastiest selection of sweet and spicy peppers around! Meet Will and Gina from the farm and enjoy a four-course, pepper-themed menu from Executive Chef Jammir Gray.

Chef’s Menu:
“Cheese and Crackers” with whipped feta, sweet pepper jelly and summer crudités / “Shrimp and Grits” with chile butter, sweet peppers, and cheddar / Peruvian-style Chicken with Aji Sauce / Jalapeño-Corn Ice Cream Sundae with tarragon tea cakes

Compline Restaurant
1300 1st St, Ste 312, Napa, CA

$115 per person


August 24
6:30 pm