CIA at Copia Cocktail Series: Three Essential Techniques: Hands on Mixology Class

CIA at Copia cocktail classes CIA at Copia’s beverage director Traci Dutton is teaching classes to bring out the inner mixologist in all of us. They include a dash of demonstration, a splash of mixology and a full glass of fun all evening. All are on Thursday at 5 p.m.

Jan. 25: Three Essential Techniques: Hands on Mixology Class
Discover the essential techniques you need to master to make thousands of unique and personalized cocktails.
While there are so many ways to make cocktails and so many people creating these delicious libations, each one with their own “twist” on the drink, there are three techniques to be mastered that will prepare you to make thousands of different cocktails. Shaking, stirring and muddling will be covered in this class step-by-step, the same way the best mixologists do it. They’ll cover other key secrets such as: What is good ice? Does fruit really need to be fresh? How many bitters are too many bitters? Can cocktails be vegan? And more!

Other events in this collection are:

• Feb. 22: Tequila Masterclass and Tasting

• March 28: Bitter Love: Amaro Cocktails from Classic to Contemporary

• April 25: A Celebration of Bourbon and Cocktails from The New South

They cost $85 at

The CIA at Copia, 500 First St., Napa,, 707-967-2500


January 25