“Chinese in Napa Valley” with John McCormick

John McCormick joins NCHS to discuss his new book, Chinese in Napa Valley: The Forgotten Community that Built Napa Valley, available from Arcadia Press.

Chinese laborers were once the backbone of Napa Valley. Throughout the 1800s, they were the major labor force in the vineyards, quicksilver mines, hop farms, leather tanneries and laundries and carved out neighborhoods in towns throughout the Valley. These contributions did little to deter discrimination, and Anti-Chinese Leagues sprang up to harass and intimidate immigrants like Chan Wah Jack, who ran the successful Sang Lung store in Napa’s Chinatown. Join author John McCormick as he uncovers the forgotten contributions of the Chinese people in California’s most famous wine region.

Thursday January 19, 2023, 7-8pm
Ticketing/Event Website: napahistory.org/event/chinese-in-napa
Tickets $10 NCHS Members, $20 General Admission


January 19
7:00 pm 8:00 pm