Beau Joie Bubbly Release at Be Bubbly

Join us for the launch of Beau Joie, which marries traditional and modern methods to appeal to a new generation of champagne drinkers!

The founder Jon Dietelbaum, was looking to pivot slightly from spirits (also founder of Effen Vodka) to do something that was the epitome of luxury, quality and at the top perceptually. and nothing in the beverage world says those things more than champagne.

What Deitelbaum chose to do to distinguish Beau Joie Champagne in terms of taste was to use no dosage, which highlights the aromas and the taste of food more, making it even easier to pair with meals.

You will be enamored with the bottle that is encased in a stunning suit of armor made from second generation scrap copper, which is a functional design element designed to help cool the bubbles quicker and keep it cooler longer.

Come taste with us! Small bites will be included!

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September 13

6: 30 pm 8: 00 pm

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