Do Napa and Make a Difference

When you visit Downtown Napa, you get access to premier dining, wine and beer tasting, local shops, captivating entertainment, the great outdoors and relaxing spas and salons. But you also do so much for the locals, when you Do Napa! Here are a few ways your trip contributes to Napa:

Travel Matters to Napa’s Economy


Source: U.S. Travel Association

The travel industry delivers $2.5 trillion in economic output annually nationwide. In Napa County, based on the Visit California 2018 Travel Impact Report, travel spending last year generated $1.76 million in tax revenue. This helps local governments improve infrastructure and public safety.

Travel Matters to Napa’s Jobs

The travel industry is America’s seventh-largest employer. In 2018, the industry employed 18,260 jobs in Napa County alone, with several of those right in Downtown Napa.

Travel Matters in Keeping Napa Connected

Staying connected to the world and each other is the foundation of Napa’s community. Travel is the definable link that transitions from welcoming you to explore our commonalities and differences to the—quite literal— roads and bridges that shape Napa’s mobility.

Travel Matters to Hometown Pride

Tourism often contributes to local communities taking pride in where they live. More than half of all leisure travel in the U.S. is to visit family and friends, making Napa residents some of the best tourism ambassadors.

Besides contributing to Napa’s well-being, by taking a vacation to Napa you can also reduce stress, improve your health and create a stronger connection with loved ones.

There’s never been a better excuse to book a trip to Napa!