Napa Valley Paddle

Napa Valley Paddle offers the most comprehensive curriculum of water sport activities on the Napa River and Northern Reach of San Pablo Bay. Home to some of the most beautiful and under explored water ways in the Bay Area boasting a quiet, scenic setting with the warmest weather and miles upon miles of prime paddling conditions. Our goal is for you and your group to unplug, ride the tide and find clarity by nurturing your curiosity in nature.

Napa Valley Paddle offers a range of tours and rental packages that allow you to enjoy the best this river has to offer.

Our half-day rental package allows customers to choose from three different locations and paddle into downtown for lunch, and our board pickup service enables you to ride the tide with the wind at your back the whole time.

All of our guided tour packages include on-shore instruction which continues into the water for the first 20 minutes. Our experienced instructors will get you up and comfortable so that you can enjoy this gorgeous riparian corridor to the fullest. Nothing thrills us more than seeing our customers step off their board at the end of a tour with the skills to enjoy this graceful new pastime for life!

Guide Bios

NVP guides are well trained and experienced. Owner Andrew Dickson is a winemaker by trade and has logged hundreds of hours guiding tours up the Napa River over the last two seasons. He produces the Carneros Chardonnay and whole-cluster fermented, Napa Valley Field Blend featured in our Surf & Terroir Gold Package. Tori is a wonderful host and personal trainer who is very passionate about SUP and knows the Napa River like the back of her hand. Emily is a personal trainer and experienced paddleboarder with over a decade of experience in the wine industry. An avid birder, she can help you spot the unique habitats along the river. Take advantage of our personal training sessions and one-on-one workouts. Please call for details.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Benefits Include

  • Invigorating – improves balance and confidence
  • Superior core and cardio workout
  • Low impact – no stress on joints, ligaments and tendons
  • Creates neural pathways
  • Zen-like, graceful medium for observing nature without disturbing the environment
  • Personal training available
  • Social and fun for the whole family

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