Anette’s Chocolates (Oxbow location)

Anette’s Chocolates ~ Oxbow ~ is nestled inside the bustling artisan Oxbow Public Market in downtown Napa. Enjoy beautifully packaged chocolates, truffles and specialty items by the piece or box. Anette’s offers tastes of their award winning Chocolate Wine Sauces, Beer/Wine/Bourbon Nut brittles daily – an amazing and tantalizing experience. This is the smaller of their two stores and is only 5 blocks from their Chocolate Factory/Retail location.

Address 610 First St. inside Oxbow Napa, CA 94559

Phone (707) 252-4228


About Anette’s Chocolates (Oxbow location)

Anette’s Chocolate Factory is located in the Heart of Downtown Napa. Anette and her brother Brent have worked together for over 19 years creating exquisite truffles, rich creams and caramels, roasted Beer Brittles and decadent Chocolate Wine Sauces.
Anette's recipes have been handed down and perfected over the past 70 years while others are novel and incorporate the newest of concepts with the tradition of quality and craft.

Anette’s Chocolate Wine Sauces & Beer Brittle have been featured in Food and Wine Magazine, House and Garden magazine, the Readers Digest, and on five television shows: “California Heartland” , “Evening Magazine” and “Food Finds”, “Simply Wine” on the Fine Living Network, and “Unwrapped”.
They have won numerous award for their creations.

At this location inside the Oxbow Public Market you have the opportunity to enjoy and purchase wines, cheeses, coffee, tea, desserts, meats and fish, organic vegetables, and a bounty of specialty boutique restaurant dishes. A truly amazing experience.

In our Factory/Retail location(5 blocks from our Oxbow shop, you may view our candy kitchen from large display windows and smell an array of aromas wafting in from the kitchen. Here we also make and serve the most exquisite ice creams, sorbets, Hot Chocolates & espresso drinks.

Both locations offer indoor and outdoor seating.

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