Enjoy the tastes of fall with the Best Coffee Shops and Bakeries in Downtown Napa

Downtown Napa in the fall is really as good as it gets. Mild temperatures are the norm in the autumn season, making it the perfect time to enjoy a fall-themed drink and dessert.

Whether your favorite fall flavor is pumpkin spice, cinnamon or maple, you’ll find Downtown Napa coffee shops and bakeries eager to serve you an excellent cup of coffee and a wonderful meal and treat. So plan a seasonal getaway and enjoy the tastes of Downtown Napa in the fall.

Coffee Houses

Credit: @napavalleycoffee


If a caramel frappe or a snickerdoodle latte sounds tempting, make sure to stop in at the Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company, a Downtown Napa favorite for decades. One of the first local coffee-roasting companies in Napa Valley, the shop carries about 10 single-origin coffees from Indonesia, Africa and the Americas, as well as made-to-order espresso drinks. Pair your drink with a selection of the company’s freshly baked goodies, including delicious cookies from local favorites Annie the Baker and Butter Cream Bakery.


Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Napa Bookmine, on 1625 2nd Street and at Pearl Street, is known for more than books. Café Bookmine is a great stop for coffee, pastries and grab-and-go items, and what’s better than sitting outside with a good book and a delicious drink? Among the café’s fall specials are a pumpkin spice cold foam chai, spiced hot chocolate and an orange blossom matcha, just to name a few.


Barnhouse Napa Brews is an English coffee pub where you’ll find a variety of flavors of coffee, local beer, wine, kombucha, tea, cider and more, in addition to proper English fare such as sausage rolls and cheese and onion pies. Barnhouse is also the only Downtown Napa pub you’ll find coffee, mead and michelada flights. Drop in and check out their seasonal drinks while spending time with friends and family.

Credit: @ritualcoffee


A mainstay at the north end of the popular Oxbow Public Market, Ritual Coffee Roasters serves up an assortment of specialty coffees sourced from small farmers, helping the producers to reinvest money back into their farms. For the autumn season, Ritual is introducing three new signature beverages: Tamarindo lindo (vanilla soda with cold brew and whipped cream); foggy latte (Earl Grey tea, orange blossom water and espresso); and ’spromoni (pistachio syrup, espresso and cherry whipped cream). You know, an English muffin or piece of cake would go great with any of these drinks, if only there was a bakery nearby …



Surprise! Nearby Ritual Coffee Roasters is Model Bakery. Known for its incredible puffy and golden brown English muffins enjoyed by Oprah Winfrey and many others, Model Bakery excels when it comes to pastries, breads, desserts and more. If pumpkin pie, apple pie or an apricot muffin sounds tempting, you’ll love what else is on the menu. If you happen to be near the bakery in the afternoon, stop by and take advantage of their “late bake” hot-from-the-oven offerings.


Still haven’t left Oxbow Public Market yet? Good. Before you leave, pick up a box — or 10 — of the harvest cranberry, apple and pistachio brittle at Anette’s Chocolates. Made also with pumpkin seeds, a dash of brandy and some holiday spices, this delicacy is perfect for the fall and makes a great Happy Autumn gift for friends and family. An additional location is at 1321 1st St. in Downtown Napa.

Credit: @sweetiepiesbakerynapa


True to their name, Sweetie Pies makes delicious and sweet pies, cakes, cookies, pastries and a whole lot more. If a slice of apple pie or carrot cake hits your autumn sweet spot, head right over to their Downtown Napa location at the historic Napa Mill. Breakfast items are available as well, and some menu offerings can be made in gluten-free versions.


Start your vacation week off right by visiting Monday Bakery & Café, located in the heart of Downtown Napa. Open every day except Wednesday, the establishment offers a wide variety of breakfast and lunch choices, as well as espresso and coffee drinks to pair. Homestyle desserts made entirely from scratch are a favorite of the locals, especially during fall when scrumptious items such as pumpkin sugar donut muffins, butternut squash snack cakes and pumpkin maple cakes are on the menu.


There’s so much to experience in Downtown Napa and the surrounding communities, you’ll want to spend more than a few days here. From wine tastings to the arts and the beautiful outdoors, Downtown Napa is the perfect fall-season destination. There are numerous lodging properties, from bed and breakfasts to hotels, so plan your getaway today.