Feast It Forward Studio

UPDATE: Check out the weekly pick-up menu at Feast it Forward here.

Feast it Forward presents Wine & Wheels every Thursday at 4:30 p.m. until Nov. 12. The weekly Vintner Night is back with casual eats in the expanded outdoor garden space. It features a vintner offering splashes of his wine, plus by-the-glass and bottle specials. A local food truck will provide on-site and to-go orders.

Beyond our network programming featuring master chefs, actors, athletes, tastemakers and musicians, after over two years of construction (insert sigh and enthusiastic leg kick) our live studio truly brings Feast it Forward to life. Join us in downtown Napa to experience all things food, wine and philanthropy with a taste of music…spiked with design!

Everything you see, feel and taste is a sponsor of our network – literally a sandbox for national brands to play, promote and engage consumers. From the acid stained floors to the counter tops, fixtures, appliances, art, decor, furniture and much more…including our 18 winery tasting bar.

Our experiential showroom offers the true FEAST lifestyle featuring all things food, wine and philanthropy with a taste of music.

Hours of Operation:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 10:30AM-7PM
Wednesday: CLOSED
Friday & Saturday: 10:30AM-8PM

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