Jarvis Conservatory

UPDATE: Visit their website:  www.internationalshowcase.org to see the trailers for the three films that are available for rent. They are offering CORPUS CHRISTI, This year Poland’s Oscar finalist in the International Film category, SORRY WE MISSED YOU, an English drama which addresses coping in the modern world of work from director Ken Loach, and BALLOON, which portrays two German families in 1979 who prepare to escape from East Germany in a homemade hot air balloon. The films range from $10.00 – $12.00.

The Conservatory is dedicated to serious art forms not often available in other places, and at the same time, art forms relating to the large Hispanic community of Napa. All Conservatory productions take place in what has been described as a jewel of a theater, and an acoustic marvel, 220 seats on the main floor and the dress circle (balcony).

The Conservatory’s latest innovation is Leticia Jarvis’ new Art Film showings on Saturday Nights at the lovely Conservatory theater. Since this is the first time such films have been available in the Napa area they are sure to prove popular.

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