Hal Yamashita Napa

Enjoy Master Chef’s  Charcoal Grilled Dishes and Contemporary Fusion Japanese Dining!

About Chef Hal Yamashita (Haruyuki Yamashita)

Master Chef Hal, a member of Iron Chef All Stars in Japan, serves Robata Cuisine Shin-Washoku style at Hal Yamashita Napa. He features fabulous cuisine with Japanese Umami. A native of Kobe in Japan. A graduate of Osaka University of the Arts, Faculty of Arts Degree. A few years later, he traveled around the world to explore the cuisine. Chef Hal is known as a Maestro of contemporary Japanese cuisine “Shin-Washoku” in Japan. “Shin Washoku” is a newly created category by Hal. “Shin” means “New” in Japanese. In recent years, the word of “Shin-Washoku” has widely spread. Award-winning Chef Hal focuses on potentiality of the ingredients for his cuisine. His cooking philosophy is to emphasize the natural flavors of the ingredients through a careful selection of flavor combinations and condiments. He integrates a new technique into his cuisine. His great profess was used as a documentary story on Japanese television show which has broadcasted nationwide.



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