New Frontier Wine Co.

About New Frontier Wine Co.

New Frontier Wine Company is a collection of over 40 premier wines from around the globe. Inspired by the great terroirs that make wine endlessly complex and perpetually different, New Frontier Wine Co. wines are linked by a commitment to excellence in farming and winemaking. Each winery strives to push the limits of premium viticulture and winemaking, thus exploring and exposing the “new frontiers” of wine. The brands also share centralized ownership under global vintner and humanitarian Alejandro Bulgerhoni. This connection allows the wineries to pool their collective resources and expertise across continents, leading to the creation of exceptional wines. The New Frontier Wine Co. tasting lounge in downtown Napa, California is the collective’s flagship location which showcases all of the wineries and their offerings in a casual, living-room style environment and outdoor patio.

NFWCo. believes in bringing together the best vineyards and winemakers to craft wines of uncommon complexity. Their domestic team includes some of California’s most awarded winemakers who blend the wines together, resulting in releases that are true collaborations and showcase their legendary terroirs with remarkable complexity.


The Origin of the New Frontier Wine Co. Name

The name “New Frontier” was inspired by President John F. Kennedy’s 1960 nomination acceptance speech. This historic address focused on the challenges confronting the nation and the opportunities that could be realized by confronting them. Kennedy described “a frontier of unknown opportunities and perils– a frontier of unfulfilled hopes and threats,” and while his words referenced American politics, New Frontier Wine Company draws a parallel between these ideas and the challenges – and opportunities – confronting the wine industry today. New Frontier Wine Co. approaches these challenges – such as climate change, sustainability, and new generations’ evolving attitudes toward wine – with the same optimistic ethos as Kennedy. New Frontier Wine Co. believes in utilizing technology and team work to approach the novel challenges facing the wine industry today. By combining the expertise of world-renowned winemakers and farming experts, NFW Co. believes it can overcome these challenges and push winemaking forward into new frontiers.


About the New Frontier Wine Co. Napa Tasting Lounge

Located in the heart of downtown Napa, the New Frontier Tasting lounge offers a novel experience for wine lovers: Rather than showcasing the wines of a single estate, the relaxed lounge offers guests a range of wines – from standard-bearing regions like Bordeaux to boundary-pushing estates in Patagonia and Beckstoffer Heritage vineyards. Presenting a range of brands, terroirs, and grape varieties allows the NFW Co. Team to embody modern hospitality: There is a wine for every drinker available at New Frontier Wine Co.

In addition, NFW Co. has designed their space to embody comfort and luxury. Rather than being constructed around a centralized bar, the lounge features several coves and nooks designed to facilitate a welcoming, casual environment for discovering and enjoying New Frontier Wine Co. offerings.

The New Frontier Wine Co. tasting lounge is located at 1040 Main St. in Napa between the Napa Valley Opera House and Napa Creek. The lounge is open daily from noon to 7pm, reservations are available, walk-ins are welcome. The lounge is also family and pet friendly.


1040 Main Street
Napa, CA