JAX White Mule Diner

JAX White Mule Diner opened in May of 2014 offering a quaint lil’ joint off the beaten path at 1122 First Street in the Dwight Murray Plaza. Proprietors J.B. Leamer & Derek McClintick suggest, “You’re not just going to stumble upon us, you need to be looking. We are off the beaten path with a small yet innovative menu to please a wide range of tastes served in a simple and fun environment.” We are known for serving up breakfast & lunch classics done the JAX way. “The menu has something for everyone; Eggs Benny, classic bacon and eggs, salads & burgers. We pride ourselves in making old-school new again.”

People often ask how we came up with the name.  We all liked the name JAX; it looks cool, it sounds cool, it is cool. White Mule is a prohibition term used to order a glass of hooch during the 20′s and early 30′s. As the story goes…Uncle JAX was a stagecoach robber in these parts during the 1870′s. JAX often got drunk off the proceeds from his work. His behavior often led the town folks to refer to him as JAX the mule, spelled differently. This reference became famous as you well know, but doesn’t make a great name for a restaurant. Naming the place JAX White Mule Diner is less of a tribute to JAX but more a tribute to simpler times when everyone knew each other throughout their community. It’s our mission to provide a conduit for friends and family to get together for a few laughs over good food reminiscent of simpler times.

JAX not only offers a casual, locals dining spot but we are also grateful for the opportunity to serve our community in new ways.  JAX supports local schools and community projects and has provided a space for fun week night activities such as the Cornhole League and Trivia Night.  We are passionate about fresh quality food, good service and having fun.


M-F: 7am – 9pm  (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
SAT-SUN: 7am – 3pm (Breakfast & Lunch)
HAPPY HOUR: 3pm – 7pm (MON-FRI)


JAX is expanding! A new vintage with bites will be added soon. 


1122 A. First St.
Napa, CA 94559
707.812. MULE (6853)