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A trip to Napa isn’t complete without:

1. A couple of very special bottles to lay down in my cellar
2. Learning more about the history behind my favorite labels
3. Chatting up a local winemaker to get the insider scoop on this year’s vintage
4. My friends, good wine, and lots of laughs
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What are you usually sipping on?

1. Single-vineyard cabs hold a special place in my heart
2. Any wine that tells a story! I like to explore different varietals from different locations
3. No-way chardonnay - unique blends are my jam
4. Rosé all day or bring on the bubbly
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Pick a vibe for your ideal sipping spot:

1. Quiet and luxurious
2. Historic and cozy
3. Laid-back and conversational
4. Upbeat and popping
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What are you doing other than wine tasting?

1. I’m here for the wine, and maybe a Michelin-star meal or two
2. Checking out local museums, art, and historic homes
3. Taking a hike and soaking up the scenery
4. Brunching with the squad and hitting up live music

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