Tapas Bar La Taberna Stands Tall in Napa

Image Credit: La Taberna

By Michael Bauer, The San Francisco Chronicle

A rakish guy with the look of someone out of an English romance novel sat at the narrow counter in front of the window at La Taberna, sipping wine, picking at a bowl of olives, reading a book and occasionally glancing up to see what was going on.

A bear of a man with chin-length curly hair, looking as if he had just pruned a few acres of vineyards and was coming in for a break, sat at the long bar like you’d find in tapas spots in northern Spain and chatted up the friendly guy behind the bar.

A few minutes later, two young women in dresses and heels perched on the stools next to him and ordered glasses of wine.

As one group got up from a table along the wall, a foursome in their 60s came in, greeted the bartender like a good friend and went to the vacated table.

Throughout the night, locals filtered in and out; some, like the man at the window, stayed for a while; others had a few quick nibbles, a glass of cider and were out in 30 minutes.

It felt like a place everyone wanted to be, whether for half an hour or three. In downtown Napa there are lots of options to dine and drink wine, but there are far too few places to just hang and have a bite, which is what makes La Taberna so compelling. Read More…


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