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Complete List of Downtown Overnight Kit Contents and Where to Find One

PLASTICSQUEEZYLEMON: We all have various “we wish we'd invented that department” rankings that we may or may not keep to ourselves. Ours?We think that plastic squeezy lemon full of lemon juice is rather brilliant. Granted, it likely arrived in kitchens long before we arrived on this planet, but still. It's just smart, especially if real lemons are in short supply.(And yes, we buy real lemons, too.) But we may have a new addition to our list:The Do Napa Overnight Kit. The upshot?People come to Napa to live it up and gourmet cheese it up and pinot noir it up for the day, and then they find that they'd love to just spend the night and head home tomorrow. Now there's a handy kit full of necessities for those revelers that didn't pack a thing.

INTHEKIT:Deodorant, make-up remover, Woolite (we're guessing you probably don't have a change of clothes, so that's handy). There's an “overnight shirt”to sleep in, too. The two best parts?The kits are gratis, and they're available at a whole host of local inns and hotels (Cedar Gables Inn,Churchill Manor, and Wine Valley Lodge are three of many on the list). It's true that other hotels and visitors bureaus have gone the overnight kit route before, just as others have found ways to handily package lemon juice. But Napa seems an apt and ready location for such a nice offer. We ourselves have felt baguette'd out and ready to tucker in for the night after a day out at the vineyards. One tip:If you decide on a last-minute stay-over, phone your chosen hotel to make sure they're kit-ready. We have word, too, that they can help you with extras you may need that aren't in the package.

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