Riverfront Napa is Napa Valley’s Newest Destination

By David J. Latt

All the stores, restaurants and tasting rooms in the downtown district are within easy walking distance of one another.

Inside the Oxbow Public Market, east of the river on 1st Street, restaurants as varied as the authentically Italian Ca’ Momi and Hog Island Oyster Bar share a large open loft space with bakery, coffee, ice cream, cheese, chocolate and dessert shops. At the Fatted Calf, a butcher shop that also makes sandwiches, we ate house-made charcuterie. A refrigerated, glass-fronted case takes up most of the small shop. The thick cut pork chops looked especially good to me. Brined in cider and then smoked, I wished there was a kitchen where I was staying.

On the west side of the river, at Morimoto Napa, I ate a plate of Alaskan king crab legs with tabanjan aioli. As expected from an Iron Chef, the crab legs were the highest quality and came to the table adorned with visual magic. The top part of the shell had been cut away making it easy to remove the sweet crab meat with its spicy sauce. What appeared to be “shell” was actually the spicy Sriracha-like mayonnaise.Read More…

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