Downtown Napa, Day 1

By Jessica Doll, Team Wiking
Image Credit: Jessica Doll

Recently I was invited on a trip to learn more about Downtown Napa. When we visited in November it was just after an earthquake had damaged most of downtown, so I was really excited to see what kind of progress they made. The afternoon started out at Napa City Hall. When I was walking in, I noticed a small amount of residual damage on the building across the street. It was very interesting to hear firsthand how the city has been revitalized and how it had quickly recovered from the quake. A whopping 95% of the businesses were open the next day. As a Californian, it always makes me proud to see so many people come together to rebuild in light of an earthquake. Mayor Techel shared the vision for Downtown Napa, and how they are also utilizing this experience to improve the city’s flooding issues as well by developing a living river area for the tidal river that flows through the city center.

If you’ve been to Napa before you’ll know that the culinary scene is on par with their wines, and atlas social is no exception. A must eat is the Chef’s Crispy Fried Farm Egg, served with Bacon Jam. It is a soft-boiled egg that has been battered and deep fried, I’ve never had anything like it. A close second is the Grilled Cauliflower Steak, served with Béarnaise & Citrus. Chef Nick Ritchie really doesn’t disappoint with any of the menu items. Read more…


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