Dining Napa: Restaurant Month

ByAlysia Gray Painter

DECIDING TO STAY IN TOWN…or head out, further afield, to dine at a winery, is always the supper-focused sticky wicket when in and aroundNapa Valleyand specificallyDowntown Napa.As sticky wickets go, it is quite wonderful; you're in a place where culinary offerings are plentiful and varied and staying closer to the hub of city life or finding a restaurant on a vineyard isn't an either/or proposition. They're both going to be good, chances are very good, and likely pretty great. That's the standard of the area, which is one of the few to present the plate-based challenge to visitors: Sup in town or sup in the country.

DOWNTOWN NAPA…has a very convincing case to stay close to its streets, thanks to a strong food scene, a scene that gets an added feather in its cap come February with Restaurant Month. Yep, we meant “month” there, despite the fact that many a California city and county lassos only a week in which to show off its food-making prowess. So what are the deals and must-dos around the oh-so-walkable downtown?Read more…

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