All Aboard The Napa Valley Wine Train

By Marnely, Cooking with Books

If you read my Foodie’s Guide to Downtown Napa Valley, you’ll remember Napa Valley has a million and one places to discover. And what better way than by riding the Napa Valley Wine Train?

Oh the things I’d do to be able to fly back to Napa Valley RIGHT NOW. This New England winter just keeps getting snowier, colder, slushier by the day. Endless snow storms and blizzards, piles of snow that are higher than my head, and the tired people walking around hoping spring is just around the corner. So on these winter days, I dream back of the time we were in Napa Valley, riding a wine train and enjoying the gorgeous scenery thanks to the Napa Valley Wine Train.

The foodie in me was excited to know that you get served a full meal while on board the train – appetizers like this gorgeous cheese platter are served on the train area and once you’re ready for your meal, you head to the dining cart for the entree and dessert. A total experience, since you get to check out the other areas of the train – which you are more than welcomed to walk around on your own time during the trip as well.

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