A Chefs Market, Napa-Style

By Alysia Gray Painter, NBC Bay Area

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HAPPYPLACE:How nice it must be, for several reasons, to call Napa home. Yep, filing in forms is easier, since your town is only four letters long. Yep, you probably don't need to spell it, again and again. And the biggest reason?You. Live. In. Napa. Meaning you live at the source of much of what is tasty and delicious and good and true in this world. The wine, the cheese, the bounties of nature are produced and coddled and grown and loved on literally steps from your front door. And the people who produce and grow and cook and make?Yeah, they're your neighbors. Meaning that a Napa chef market is truly a world-class affair, since world-class chefs and makers of fine edibles live in the nabe. So let us pause to welcome the return of the fine and lovely Napa Chefs'Market, which once again returns to its Thursday-night schedule on May 17.

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