6 Things To Know About 1313 Main in Napa

By Virginia Miller

Ask a local about 1313 Main and even they may not yet be aware of this chic restaurant, wine bar and spirits lounge on a quiet downtown Napa block. Though 1313 Main has been open since 2011 as a wine bar, the restaurant portion, Lulu’s Kitchen, was added on mid-2013. It has unsuspectingly become one of Napa’s hidden gems, and here's why.

1. Executive Chef Adam Ross came from none other than Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc & The Restaurant at Meadowood

Florida native Ross has cooked in Denver, New York City, San Francisco and Hawaii (in HI, he cooked with renowned chef’s like Alan Wong and Chef Mavro) before settling in Napa where he has cooked at some of its greatest restaurants.

Corn and shiso fritters are half off during happy hour [Photo Source: Virginia Miller]

2. Dishes can reach fine dining artistry… but stay in the $5-32 range

Appetizers and mid-courses are generally more gratifying than entrees, while Ross’ cooking shows promise overall. Be prepared to be wowed by the artistry of an appetizer like his cucumbers and caviar ($13 – pictured top), a visually striking display of lemon cucumber and caviar accented by sea beans, dill, crème fraiche and pickles.

3. Yes, it is a wine destination

Restaurant Director Jordan Nova is a gracious advanced sommelier (pursuing tough-to-achieve Master Sommelier status) who has worked in wine in Austin, New York and Honolulu. He might start your meal off with a glass of complimentary sparkling wine before guiding you through the over 1300 bottle list, including many by the glass and flights like “Hometown Heroes” and “Vintage Madeira”. You can just come in for a drink in the roomy lounge where sleek couches surround a fireplace or tables front a wall lined with bottles. Read more…


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