10Best Napa Valley Spots to Sit and Sip After Sunset

By: Dana Rebmann
Photo Credit: Brian Welsh

Days in Napa Valley are filled tasting at its more than 500 wineries. Folks tend to move at a bustling taste, making their way to favorite tasting rooms while trying to squeeze in new suggestions. But when the sun goes down and vintners go home, life slows down a bit in Napa Valley. Endless bottles continue to get un-corked after sunset, but they have to share the wine country stage. Live performances are nightly affairs at the Uptown Theatre and the more than 100 year old Cameo Cinema is a great place to finally catch that movie you’ve wanted to see.

If it’s more about grabbing a drink than catching a show, Downtown Napa has the busiest nightlife scene in wine country, with spots like Cadet and Napa Palisades keeping their doors open late.

So take a nap after your busy day of tasting, and use these 10Best spots to inspire some Napa Valley after dark exploring and toasting.

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