Sat Feb 16

Zaza Fetterly Art Show Opening at Workmix

Please join us for Zaza’s 28th exhibiting year and 68th exhibition.

Zaza’s exhibit at Workmix is a love story.  Workmix, Napa’s premier coworking and meeting space, is proud to showcase her art.  Zaza makes art to help people connect with their inner goodness and innate optimism. Through any of Zaza’s whimsical improvisations, viewers are called to remember good times and inspired to recall their many blessings. Each work is infused with an ethereal quality that aims to glorify the human spirit and the pervasive presence of God.

Free Parking next to Workmix
A delight of wine and appetizers will be served

Zaza’s bio….

French artist, Zaza Fetterly, shows her latest art at Workmix in Napa for the months of February to April, 2019. The opening reception (le vernissage) is scheduled for February 16th.

Until 1991, eight years after she made California her home, Zaza pursued her career in journalism, working for the Voice of America during the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles until becoming a freelance writer and legal secretary in San Francisco.

In 1991 she decided to work full time on her art. The desire burning inside Zaza had to be fullfilled and immediately she exhibited her steel sculptures for the first time at Fort Mason Art Center in San Francisco. Her first show sold out. From that point on an endless stream of exhibitions took place, including the San Francisco Modern Art Museum Rental Gallery in 1995 and the Dallas Museum of Art in 2001.

Since 1991, Zaza has exhibited everywhere, from galleries, to downtown offices, to hair salons and restaurants. “I make no difference between museums and coffee shops, I just want to show my art and make an honest living,” Zaza says. Like her mother, Jacqueline Gard Urbanek, an established impressionist artist alive and well at 97 in Paris, Zaza refuses to overprice her work into the tens of thousands. “When I die, if my artistic pursuit wasn’t worth anything, I want every collector of mine to feel rewarded. From my cleanning lady who always has bought a new piece to world known collectors and auctioneers, Zaza states. She makes sure everyone pays the same exact “price of separation” as she refers to her personal price list, no favorites, no deals, no tricks.

Zaza participates twice a year in two international art salons in Paris, the Societe National des Beaux Arts and the Salon des Independants, where contemporary artists exhibit. She also shows year round for the past twenty-three years at the Arts Guild of Sonoma, the Monique Arnon Gallery in San Francisco, and the Jessel Miller Gallery. She is grateful for them because they have provided a steady income and many other opportunities.

Every September she hosts her “Napa Valley Open Studio” an extraordinary event when collectors from all over the Bay area come to support her. Zaza is known as one of the best selling artists of the event.


February 16

5:00 pm 9:00 pm


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