Sat Apr 23

The AntiqueArtBoutique at Be Bubbly

Join Be Bubbly for the first art installation from Anthony “AnttonioDesigns” Smalls aka ANTT:

Hello, my name is Anthony Smalls some may call me Antt or Smalls which I’ve always heard the phrase “Your Killing me Smalls” from the 90s movie the Sandlot. My family bloodline is from New Orleans, LA so art, live bands, and NOLA culture was something that I grew up around. I’ve lived in the Bay Area all my life so I have a mixture of two great atmosphere wrapped into one. AnttonioDesigns the moniker started in 2015 but it didn’t make since until 2017 when I tore my Achilles tendon and was off work for 3 months. Not falling into self doubt I had to figure out how I would spend my next three months so I decided I would get back into one of my favorite pastime when I was alone as a kid which was creating art designs and inspirational quotes. I had to be productive and use my time creatively so that the 90 days I had at home was utilized and beneficial for me. During that time I was also able to finish up my last few months of school earning my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology where I would also use expressive arts therapy and color psychology. I like to use colors that you will find inspiring words and inspirations on the color wheel so that what I create not also is beauty in the eye but also speaks to you mentally.

This is my 5th year creating and I’m still being creative. Last year I joined  on the advisory committee for the Art of the African Diaspora through the Richard Art Center which celebrates African American artist living in the San Francisco Bay each year with art exhibits and satellite shows all over the Bay. AnttonioDesigns the counselor and the creator was born out of the love of helping others become a better version of themselves through using art expressively and to help zen your mind from those people, places and things in life that may distract you. Outisde of the art world I’m a Case Manager for city government  working with Homeless population in the San Francisco Bay Area. Helping others is something I have always been passionate about. This is the first time in life that I can be myself at work and creatively and it’s all intertwined into a knot and I know my purpose wasn’t on purpose. I had to go through a setback physically with a torn Achilles to be setup for my next chapter. That one domino fell in the right direction and my last 5 years is my testimony.

I always like to leave a quote for others to read and think about. This is one quote I wrote

“If you’re making a difference and a impact to others it doesn’t matter what the forecast of chaos may look like around you.”


April 23

4:00 pm 7:00 pm



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