Sat-Sun Sep 29-30
Osteria Live! Presents: George Anthony

Saturday September 29 | 10:00 pm
Sunday September 30 | 1:00 am

1141 1st Street
Napa, CA 94559

George Anthony has been an active singer-songwriter in Central California since the Spring of 2012. Though his early work was based off an upbeat Reggae sound, his capabilities have extended to working with artists of many styles. George has been known to stray far away from the rules and provides people with the sounds of music they prefer to hear.

George’s philosophy is “If this song doesn’t suit your music demands, then maybe this song will”. He loves writing for the people, and only the people. George has proven again and again that his solo act is more than a man with an acoustic guitar. His energetic stage presence goes hand in hand with his microphone control and ability to get the audience involved in the show.

George’s influences vary like most artists influences do. His so-called ‘Triangle of Elements’ include the late Heavy Metal guitarist Dimebag Darrell from the Band Pantera; The late Boss DJ known as Bradley Nowell from the band Sublime; And, the late and most influential, John Lennon from The Beatles. George is always open to work with artists that are able to introduce him to a new realm of music.

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