Do Lunch in Downtown Napa: How to Have the Best Work Break

There are two great moments in a workday. The part where you get to go to lunch and the part where you leave. Just kidding! But honestly, who doesn’t love their lunch break? 

With so many restaurants in Downtown Napa, it can be a little overwhelming to weed out the best spots to eat, especially when you only have an hour for lunch. Why do more work when we can do it for you? We’ve handpicked spots for every lunch occasion so you can have the best break possible. Close your computer, power down your monitor, and grab your wallet because we are going to lunch! 

Quick Pick-Up – The Dutch Door 

(Courtesy of The Dutch Door)

If it’s almost time for lunch and you’re swamped, we have the perfect place for you. The Dutch Door, located in the heart of Downtown Napa, was made for grab-and-go lunchers. Created by private chef Bret Pennigton of Pennington Provisions, this restaurant aims to serve customers locally-sourced, organic food. The Dutch Door prides itself on being Napa’s first gourmet to-go. It’s all about an amazing meal minus the hassle. Bonus? There is a wide variety of seasonal menu flavors. Current favorite: the Korean Fried Chicken Sando. Filled with panko fried chicken, kimchi Napa slaw, avocado mayo, and spicy-sweet gochujang sauce, this sandwich is a burst of flavor and texture.

Bite with Coworkers – Oxbow Public Market 

Is your work squad ready to grab a bite to eat? If so, head over to Oxbow Public Market to solve everyone’s lunch cravings. The market has a wide variety of food options and boasts a diverse mixture of local tenants. Head over to C Casa for artisan Latin cuisine or pop by Live Fire Pizza for a California wood-fired pie. If you want something on the lighter side, Eiko’s is best for fresh sushi. While you are waiting for your food, take a moment to wander around and experience all the sites and smells. This bright, energetic food hall is the best place to wake up your senses before finishing the workday with your team.


Grabbing Lunch for the Whole Team – Melted 

(Courtesy of Melted)

Sometimes meetings run long and your hour away has turned into a working lunch. Now is your chance to impress the whole team with your ability to pick out a delicious delivery option. Treat your team to Melted, a unique sandwich spot in Downtown Napa. A restaurant that claims you will never look at a grilled cheese the same, they put a spin on the American classic by adding baked waffle bread and fresh, intentionally sourced ingredients. Melted also provides both gluten-free and vegan options for those in your office who have dietary-restrictions. The best part? Each sandwich comes with a little tomato soup to dip in and you can order ahead. Delicious. 

Client Meetings – Tarla Mediterranean Bar & Grill 

(Courtesy of Tarla)

Do you have a big client coming into town? Impress them with Tarla, an amazing Mediterranean spot with exciting eats originating from Turkey and Greece. This restaurant’s atmosphere is elegant and vibrant, making it the perfect place to impress. If you prefer something balanced and fresh, order a Lunch Plate to experience all the flavors they have to offer. Looking for something more authentic? The Charcoal Grilled Chicken Kebab on Pita will have your tastebuds swooning. Lastly, don’t forget to add in a Greek Dip Trio as a starter. You won’t regret beginning your meal with warm pita and lots of hummus. 

There you have it! With our guide, you’ll be able to take on any lunch plans. Ready to explore more restaurants? Check out the Food & Drink section of our website for a complete guide to Downtown Napa Restaurants. Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, you’ll be a regular before you know it! Don’t forget to tag #donapa when you share your delicious lunch adventures.