Cocktail Hour in Downtown Napa

It’s easy to find amazing wine in Napa Valley, but if you’re feeling more like a shaken or stirred kind of evening, Downtown Napa has you covered. Pull up a stool in a saloon for a quick mixed drink or sit down for an expertly crafted cocktail. Whatever you’re in the mood for, there’s a spot at the bar or table for you.

Henry’s Cocktail Lounge is often described as the “Cheers of Napa.” Everyone may not know your name when you arrive, but you’ll certainly feel like a local by the time you leave. Meet the friendly “Norms” of Napa while you’re at this cozy, down-to-earth bar. From affordable drinks to you-pick music from their juke box, Henry’s is a great spot to bring your special someone for a nightcap or a group of weary travelers for a post-wine tour recap.

Image source: Nick Vasilopoulos Photography

For a more farm-to-fork, foodie experience, Basalt Napa is the newest hotspot along the Napa Riverfront. This Spanish meets Portuguese meets Mexican eatery has a cocktail list worth checking out. Whether you’re looking for a classic favorite like a mint julep or something new like their namesake-themed drink the Basalt Negroni. This gin-based apéritif is infused with campari, Italian vermouth, gravity dispensed negroni and rests over basalt rock. Check out this new kid on the block!

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