Nowhere Like Napa for National Coffee Day

Image Credit:Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company

Napa is not just a great place to sip wine all day, it’s also a coffee-lover’s paradise. Downtown Napa has a number of great coffee houses to start and end your day when visiting for a weekend getaway.

Drive through the Java Hut before beginning your adventures in Downtown Napa. A —quirky coffee quick stop­­ — The Java Hut is a coffee shop where you can grab a shot of espresso or a cup of the house blend to wake you up, or cool off with a delicious cone of shaved ice.

Taste coffees from around the world at The Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Company. Each of their nine single-origin coffees from Indonesia, Africa and the Americas are roasted following a specific roasting profile designed to maximize the flavors and highlight the characteristics that each bean offers. A coffee tasting at this coffee house is a must-experience for all coffee lovers celebrating National Coffee Day.

Plan your National Coffee Day celebration today and book your stay at one of Downtown Napa’s hotels or B&Bs.

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