A Romantic Downtown Date Night: Quent Cordair Fine Arts

It’s the perfect date night in Downtown Napa! After wining and dining at one of Downtown Napa’s finest restaurants, indulge the senses further with a stroll through Quent Cordair Fine Art.

Quent Cordait Fine Art
Located on the west end of Downtown Napa and voted Napa’s Best Art Gallery, Quent Cordair Fine Art features the exquisite paintings, sculptures, and drawings of Romantic Realism. Romantic Realism is the movement that renews the high esthetic standards and techniques of pre-20th century artists and brings romanticism and stylization to a contemporary subject matter.

The collection includes award-wining artists of international renown and emerging artists with a unique vision and accomplishment. You can even enjoy a sneak peek into the creative process with a step-by-step look at how a few pieces in the gallery came to life. Looking for a unique piece that’s all your own? Commission a portrait, mural, garden or architectural project to take a piece of the gallery’s inspiration home.

Continue the romantic evening with an overnight stay at a Downtown Napa hotel or B&B.

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