Instagrammers #DoNapa

Instagrammers #DoNapa

Check out the Napa love when you follow Downtown Napa on Instagram.  Below are some of our favorite fan photos!  When you visit downtown make sure to follow, like and view #DoNapa

Harvest is near! daisy_0707 captured the these beautiful grapes while in Napa.

McClelland-Priest Bed and Breakfast Inn has the perfect location to spend a night in Downtown Napa. Enjoy your stay in this beautifully renovated inn with Victorian flair. Wake up and walk to Oxbow Public Market for a tasty bite. Angelaaa_f loved her two night stay!

Are you hungry yet? Grab a tasty bite at Napa General Store like laurapazzz did. YUM! 

Wayfaringballetflats caught a gorgeous photo of Napa General Store. A cruise along the riverwalk offers so much to enjoy. 

Sip sip hooray! A trip to Trahan Winery is a must in Downtown Napa, just ask Instagrammer midliferoadtrip

Downtown Napa loves pizza and so did rachelroams while in Napa. This tasty pie came from Kitchen Door at Oxbow Public Market. You will love to eat your way through Downtown Napa.

We can’t wait to see your Instagram pictures when you use the #DoNapa hashtag! 

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