Do Napa: We’re Open!

The great community of Downtown Napa wants to thank you for the continued support that has been shown since the recent earthquake. Many businesses have reopened and downtown has come together to serve its much loved visitors and community. Make sure to drop into your favorite downtown businesses. Downtown Napa

Looking to fix your wine loving desires? Downtown's tasting rooms and restaurants have fantastic wine selections and pairings for the ultimate Napa experience.

There are plenty of amazing downtown establishments for you to grab a tasty bite; 90 percent of downtown restaurants are open. Check out the diverse downtown culinary scene and find something that everyone can enjoy!

Spend the night in Napa, 95 percent of lodging properties are open. Make your trip memorable and wakeup in Napa, there's plenty of entertainment, shopping and wining and dining for you to enjoy.

Please call restaurants, hotels and B&B's to confirm your reservations, Napa is excitedly awaiting you!


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