Flash Freeze this Friday for Breast Cancer Awareness

Get ready for a great time and gear up in your pink attire to join hundreds of people this Friday, October 11, to raise awareness and join together in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Day of the Girl, and Napa Women’s Club Evening Edition. This is going to be a fun, empowering event that you can feel great about being part of. Napa Women’s Club invites everyone to participate in the Flash Freeze.

The Flash Freeze participants are asked to meet outside of the Oxbow Public Market in Downtown Napa at 5:45 p.m. to get ready; the event starts promptly at 6 p.m. Make sure to arrive at the Oxbow Public Market with your shirt covered up so that when you receive the signal, you can proudly  display your bright pink shirt.  If you aren’t able to participate, you are still able to help raise awareness for this great cause by watching the Flash Freeze event, capturing it on a cellphone or video recording device, and sharing with friends through your favorite social media outlet. People are strongly encouraged to invite friends and family. The Napa Women’s Club has a goal  of 250-300 people being either a participant or videographer. Come one, come all because this is an event for everyone!

The Napa Women’s Club has an invitation with details including posters that they ask you to print and attach to your pink shirt on the Napa Women’s Club website.  Bring your pink attire, your posters, friends, family, video recording devices and a great attitude. Get ready for a fun-filled evening with this family friendly Downtown Napa event.

Hundreds of people are expected to be involved in this event, so please carpool if possible. If you are unsure of what a Flash Freeze is check out this video on YouTube. For more information check out the Napa Women’s Club’s website. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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