Napa Inspired Holiday Gifts

Who Do You Love? A Napa Inspired Holiday
If you know someone who loves wine or Downtown Napa or both, we’ve put together a list of just some of the fabulous Napa inspired gifts available this holiday season.

For the person who loves to relax:
The Napa Soap Company has plenty of luxurious body and skin care gifts available, but this soothing bath salts gift set would be perfect for the person in your life who needs an excuse to kick back and relax a little.

For the person who loves upcycled décor:

Here are five different ideas for reusing wine corks as holiday decorations. Our favorite is the DIY wine cork Christmas wreath. This gift could be double the fun if you throw in a day of wine tasting in Downtown Napa! A chance to collect more wine corks for next year’s wreath.

For the dog lover:

Vineyard Dog has a posh collection of gifts for the pooch. Pet lovers know that it’s just as fun to watch your dog’s eyes light up at the site of a new toy, food dish or comfy bed, as it is to watch your human friends get excited about, well, new toys, dishes or comfy beds.

For the person who loves vintage:

Alice’s Consignment Shop is a dream for those who love vintage clothing, accessories and antiques. It’s easy to get a sneak peek at what the shop has in store by visiting the website where Alice posts images of new inventory. We recommend taking the person you’re gifting for, along for this ride. Think of it as a weekend-long gift – they get the trip, the wine and the vintage!

When you’re shopping Downtown Napa this holiday season, don’t be shy about picking up a few treats for yourself –we won’t tell!


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For more Napa inspired gift ideas, visit Napa Downtown’s pinterest board “Holiday Wine Décor.”