A Downtown Napa Getaway

Guest post by Ashlee Gadd of Where My Heart Resides

This past weekend, Brett and I enjoyed a lovely getaway at The Meritage Resort and Spa in Napa. Holy. Smokes. This place was beeeeeautiful. We checked in around 2:00pm and found a bottle of wine in our room, which Brett greatly appreciated on behalf of both of us since I’m not drinking for the next six months (wah!).

After walking the property, we ventured to Downtown Napa, about a five minute drive from Meritage. There we found Uva, a magical place serving—wait for it—FRIED RISOTTO BALLS. Oh yes, you better believe we waited until they opened at 4:00pm to order some of those bad boys. They were delicious.

By that point, my little pregnant feet were killing me, so we drove back to Meritage and relaxed in our room for a while before dinner. Ahhh, dinner. We ate at Siena and it was positively wonderful. Since I’m currently eating for two, no calories were spared during that meal. We started off with salad and tomato bisque soup (SO good!), before moving onto chicken (me) and filet (him), before splitting three desserts. Yes, you read that correctly. One dessert for him, one for me, and one for the baby.

After dinner, our server suggested we check out the DVD library and ask for the complimentary hot popcorn. Um, WHAT? Complimentary hot popcorn? SIGN ME UP. Granted, we were too stuffed from dinner to take advantage of that amenity, but I was impressed nonetheless. I was even MORE impressed once I saw the extensive DVD collection. There were so many movies to choose from, including not one, not two, but ALL THREE OF THE TWILIGHT MOVIES. Don’t worry…I love Brett too much to do that to him. We settled on the Hangover since we were in the mood for something funny. Before bed we filled out the little door hanger to have room service delivered in the morning. It was basically the best decision we made all weekend.

The next morning we enjoyed our breakfast in bed, before heading to Spa Terra for our couples massage. Spa Terra…where do I even begin? This place was GORGEOUS—it’s all underground, in the Estate Wine Cave. Everything was beautiful and tranquil, from the locker rooms to the treatment rooms to the relaxation waiting area. I got my first (and hopefully not my last) prenatal massage, which was ah-mazing. My whole body felt like jello afterwards, and Brett, who has managed to resist getting a professional massage for 29 years, is now a convert. It’s probably been five years since I’ve been to a “real” spa and the whole time we were there I kept thinking about how much fun it would be to go back with my girlfriends. Birthday party anyone?

Overall, it was a LOVELY weekend. Brett and I are cherishing every little getaway we have left as a family of two, and this was no exception. If you’re looking to plan a weekend getaway, we highly recommend the Meritage Resort and Spa. It’s a 55 minute drive from Sacramento and our stay was flawless, from start to finish. Tell em I sent you!

**Accommodations, dinner, and spa treatments provided by Meritage Resort and Spa; all opinions and views expressed are my own.

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