Yo’Belle Yogurt

UPDATE: Reopened and ready to serve customers!

Yo’Belle is a Premium self-serve concept that gives our customers freedom to choose from 12 to 16 flavors made from all natural gluten free frozen yogurt. We use only the best natural ingredients with high amount of live active culture counts, making our yogurt qualify for the Live and Active Cultures Seal. Our topping bar allows customers to customize their treat with the choice of fresh fruits, nuts, cookies, fresh cut candies, and sprinkles.

Grab-N-Go: Our Grab-N-Go area includes fresh fruit cups, ready-made parfaits and a wide variety of yogurt snacks. Yo’Belle also offers the same store frozen yogurt flavors but in an air tight refrigerated containers ready to take it home or back to the office.

Frozen Yogurt Cakes: Celebrate any special occasion with Yo’Belle Gourmet Frozen Yogurt Cakes. Choose from Creamy Vanilla, Mango & Peach Crème, Summer Tropical, Strawberry Tart, and Blueberry Yogurt Cheese. All of Yo’Belle delicious frozen yogurt cakes containing live and active yogurt culture, Great for any occasion and for all ages…It is Simply Delicious!

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