DoNapa Weather

Known for its beautiful weather, Napa’s climate is perfect for enjoying countless activities and outings. Take a peek here to see what’s up weather-wise as you plan your next Napa getaway. (Cool, warm, sunshine or rain…it always feels like the perfect weather to enjoy downtown Napa.)


Tue 3/26

LOW 44°
HIGH 65°

scattered clouds

Wed 3/27

LOW 46°
HIGH 58°

moderate rain
Moderate breeze

Thu 3/28

LOW 41°
HIGH 51°

moderate rain
Gentle Breeze

Fri 3/29

LOW 40°
HIGH 57°

light rain

Sat 3/30

LOW 34°
HIGH 62°

sky is clear
Gentle Breeze

Sun 3/31

LOW 42°
HIGH 53°

moderate rain

Mon 4/1

LOW 49°
HIGH 53°

moderate rain
Gentle Breeze

Tue 4/2

LOW 45°
HIGH 66°

moderate rain
Gentle Breeze

Wed 4/3

LOW 37°
HIGH 67°

sky is clear
Gentle Breeze

Thu 4/4

LOW 40°
HIGH 54°

moderate rain
Light breeze



Winter in Napa means vivid yellow mustard amidst the sleeping vines and bright green hills invite you to sip wine next to a cozy fireplace. Avg. Temp. 47°


Spring bursts forth with an unbelievable bouquet of color—all the natural beauty that you could imagine. Avg. Temp. 54°


Summer will lure you with golden hills, verdant vines and the warmth of the sun. Evenings can be cool even in summer, so bring a sweater for outdoor dining. Avg. Temp. 72°


In Fall, the fragrance of "Crush" and a vineyard patchwork of golds and greens celebrate Autumn. Make your reservations early for this very popular time of the year. Avg. Temp. 62° 

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